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Retro Kitchen Decorations

retro kitchen decorations

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retro kitchen decorations - "Love is

"Love is Brewing" Teapot Timer in Classic Retro Gift Box

"Love is Brewing" Teapot Timer in Classic Retro Gift Box

A tea-timeless favor that creates wonderful memories! Kate Aspen's nostalgic, silver-finish teapot kitchen timer is as quaint, cute and endearing as its gift box__a presentation that will impress your guests! Features and facts: Retro teapot timer is made of high-quality plastic Details include a black handle and lid, a tiny, black pour spout, and black-and-white timer numbers that appear in a small window on the side of the teapot Timer twists at the bottom to count down from one to sixty minutes Clear gift box includes a fabulous graphic of a vintage kitchen with a blue refrigerator and stove. In front of the teapot, the package reads "Love is Brewing" Teapot Timer alongside the image of a teapot Gift box includes a sheer, white organza ribbon and bow and a matching, heart-shaped "For You" tag Teapot measures 3" high x 3" in diameter Gift box measures 3 1/2" square

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Yellow Kitchen!

Yellow Kitchen!

That ceiling is to die for. And I also love the cheeriness of a yellow kitchen, which I didn't think I would before buying a house that had one and living in it for a while. House & Garden Complete Guide to Interior Decoration (1970)

Retro Christmas

Retro Christmas

Fun retro Christmas decoration in my retro Kitchen

retro kitchen decorations

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