Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

easy christmas decoration ideas

    christmas decoration
  • A Christmas decoration is any of several types of decorations used at Christmastime. The traditional colours of Christmas are pine green (evergreen), snow white, and heart red. Blue and white are often used to represent winter, or sometimes Hanukkah, which occurs around the same time.

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easy christmas decoration ideas - Homemade Christmas:

Homemade Christmas: Tried & true recipes, heartwarming memories and easy ideas for savoring the best of Christmas. (Seasonal Cookbook Collection)

Homemade Christmas: Tried & true recipes, heartwarming memories and easy ideas for savoring the best of Christmas. (Seasonal Cookbook Collection)

Grandma's gingerbread cookies cooling on the counter, an old-fashioned popcorn & cranberry garland on the tree and gifts made by hand, from the heart...sounds like a Homemade Christmas is on its way! Filled with scrumptious recipes that'll make holidays to remember, our new book is a festive must-have. Simple yet impressive dishes for your gatherings, celebrations and special family meals...we've got you covered with recipes like Nan's cinnamon rolls, savory sausage balls, ham & cheese quiche, holiday pork loin and red velvet Christmas cake. Great gifts from the kitchen are also included as well as plenty inspiring tips and ideas for celebrating with family & friends! Hardcover, 224 pages. (9-1/4" x 6-1/2")

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Home for the Holidays (144/365)

Home for the Holidays (144/365)

Today I traveled back to Pennsylvania for the holidays. It was a somewhat interesting drive. I left the DC area about 6:00 am with two fairly unhappy cats in a carrier in the backseat. Fortunately they calmed down and stopped crying somewhere near Frederick, MD. Pretty easy drive, until I made the supid mistake of getting off I-68 to take the more scenic Route 40. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Until I hit the ice. That was not a fun 10-ish mile stretch of road... Route 40 being a two-lane road and all... through the mountains. Oh well, lesson learned. No more Route 40... at least not during the winter months.

But it has been a nice day at home so far. Spent the whole day with the family... just kinda lazing around talking and watching movies and going out to dinner. Good times. This is what Christmas is about.

Archive Christmas Fish 2002

Archive Christmas Fish 2002

My Brother Richard made a small approximately 3 inch high Christmas Tree for his 1963 Chevrolet Chevy II. It was a neat concept and somewhat easy to make. He used miniature lights and wired them for 12 volts. A wire frame and a little tensile.

I took the same idea and made the same little Christmas trees for my automobiles. I still use them today.

Back in 2000 I made one for the family aquarium. All I had to do was to seal the connections and provide a small 12 volt battery charger. It worked well but, it became too time consuming to make them each year for the fish tank.

easy christmas decoration ideas

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